Solar Cell applications

The use of light-diffusing samples such as patterned cover glasses used in solar cells and textured/coated glasses used in buildings and greenhouses is increasing.

For the Glass Industry the photovoltaic market offers great potential.
At the beginning of this century, the glass industry has launched new types of patterned glazing specially dedicated to photovoltaic applications.

The ability to accurately measure the transmission and reflection properties of these materials is a key requirement in the development and manufacture of high efficiency solar cells and light-diffusing glazing.

OMT Solutions has developed several accessories to determine key optical properties of these materials like:

  • Accurate Transmittance and reflectance of diffuse materials
  • Scatter properties (BRDFT/BTDF) properties


TAMS - Total Absolute Measurement System

TAMS - The Most Versatile Tool for UV/Vis/NIR Spectroscopy Fully automated goniometer design capable of measuring bi-directional reflectance ...

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UL270 - Upward Looking 270 mm Sphere Accessory

The Upward Looking 270 mm Integration Sphere Accessory (UL270) is a unique accessory that allows accurate transmittance and reflectance measurement of...

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ARTA - Absolute Reflectance Transmittance Accessory

The ARTA is a fully automated spectral goniometer tool that uses an integrating sphere as detector to measure directional Reflectance and transmittanc...

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270mm Directional Reflectance Transmittance

Our Automated Variable Angle Tool for measuring Reflection and Transmission of diffuse samples has the following unique features : • Vertical...

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BRDF/BTDF measurements

Scatter measurements and in particular BRDF and BTDF measurements as function of wavelength are getting more important every day. We developed cust...

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