TAMS – Total Absolute Measurement System

TAMS – The Most Versatile Tool for UV/Vis/NIR Spectroscopy

  • Fully automated goniometer design capable of measuring bi-directional reflectance and transmittance and angular resolved scattering
  • The accessory occupies the detector compartment only
  • Separate detectors for reference and sample beam, both can be exchanged by the operator for other detector modules that are optimized for different applications
  • Angular resolution 0.01° for both sample and detector stages
  • Angular accuracy 0.02° degrees for both sample and detector stages
  • Angular range sample stage +/- 180°
  • Angular range detector stage 15° – 345°
  • Angular range in reflectance 7.5° – >80°, depending on sample size
  • Angular range in transmittance 5° – >80°, depending on sample size (sample – detector inter-reflections occur for angles < 5° that compromises the accuracy)
  • Sample size up to 150 x 150 mm with the standard sample holder (200 mm x 180 mm with other means)
  • 200 mm Rotating sample platform with M5 screw holes on a 25mm x 25mm grid


  • Absolute measurement of directional Reflectance and transmittance
  • BRDF/ BTDF measurements

Unique flexible detectorsets
For each application you can choose the best detectorset.

  • Sphere Detectorsets for maximum accuracy (to capture all additional beams from for example thick and slightly curved samples
  • Standard Detectorsets for maximum sensitivity (BRDF/BTDF an scattering measurements)








The TAMS autosampler (fully automated and integrated in TAMS user interface) is capable of performing measurements on a 6 inch wafer at different positions when installed in a TAMS accessory
Multisampling is possible by placing a holder for 19 x 1 inch samples or 5 x 2 inch sample. You can also design your own holder into the Autosampler


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