Team Key members

This is our team

Serge Timmermans

My main responsibilities besides the optical technology are managing the companies supporting and operational processes and the contacts with customers.

Peter van Nijnatten

An important part of our business is the development of spectrophotometer accessories and other optical instruments for a wide range of applications.

Jurgen de Wolf

Responsible for the Mechanical and Optical design
Sr. Mechanical engineer


Ivo Schoofs

Sr. Optical engineer and Specialist in spectrophotometry
Sr. Optical engineer


Miranka Dominicus - van den Acker

Optical engineer and responsible for quality control

Roel van Gaal

Mechanical engineer and assembly specialist
Mechanical engineer


Walter van Nijnatten

Software specialist
Software engineer

Ruben Walk

Mechanical and Optical Engineer
Mechanical and Optical Engineer

Marlous Hofmans

Research Scientist
Research Scientist