BRDF/BTDF measurements

Scatter measurements and in particular BRDF and BTDF measurements as function of wavelength are getting more important every day.

We developed custom accessories and complete facilities to perform these measurements on the highest possible level for universities, R&D centra and metrology institutes worldwide.

Also our commercial available accessories (like ARTA and TAMS) for spectrophotometers are worldwide used.

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TAMS - Total Absolute Measurement System

TAMS - The Most Versatile Tool for UV/Vis/NIR Spectroscopy Fully automated goniometer design capable of measuring bi-directional reflectance ...

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ARTA - Absolute Reflectance Transmittance Accessory

The ARTA is a fully automated spectral goniometer tool that uses an integrating sphere as detector to measure directional Reflectance and transmittanc...

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