OMT Solutions offers an extensive package of services, such as:

  • Characterization of architectural and automotive glazing
  • Characterization of patterned and diffure glass
  • Calibration of reference materials
  • Variable Angle Spectroscopy
  • Refractive index measurements
  • Characterization of optical components
  • BRDF/BTDF measurements
  • Training, Conferences & Workshops

For industrial quality control laboratories with facilities for determining optical properties it is important to use reference materials which have been properly calibrated. We provide a calibration service for reference materials used by industrial laboratories. These materials are calibrated using an absolute measurement method or by comparison against certified standards which are derived from international standards. We also provide calibrated mirrors and transmittance standards.

Our work is based on the accurate measurement of reflectance, transmittance, absorptance and emittance. We measure these properties as a function of wavelength in the range of 175 nm to 56,000 nm with spectrophotometers equipped with special purpose accessories. Most of the accessories we use have been designed and built in our laboratory. Others have been modified or optimised to obtain the highest possible accuracy.

Our Services

Optical Characterization glazing

We determine Visible light, solar properties and thermal radiation properties of a double glazing unit determined according to EN, ISO and NFRC st...

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Characterization of optical components

We have been responsible for developing and producing unique spectrophotometer accessories and other optical measurement solutions for customers all o...

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Calibration of reference materials

OMT Solutions offers calibration services for optical components. Our reference mirrors for the solar wavelength range (250-2500 nm) and the infrared ...

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Variable Angle Spectroscopy

In our lab and cleanroom we have a range of spectrophotometers, spectrophotometer accessories, custom made measurement setups and solutions to measure...

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Characterization of patterned and diffuse glass

The use of light-diffusing materials such as patterned cover glasses used in solar cells and textured/coated glasses used in buildings and greenhouses...

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Refractive index measurements

We use several techniques to determine the refractive index of materials. One of our unique setups is the Cryogenic Optical Test facility. This fa...

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BRDF/BTDF measurements

Scatter measurements and in particular BRDF and BTDF measurements as function of wavelength are getting more important every day. We developed cust...

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Training and Workshops

We gladly share our knowledge with our customers by offering consultancy and on-the-spot training in optical spectroscopy. We can also be found on co...

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Custom Solutions for FTIR spectrophotometry

Many customers need customized solutions for their FTIR Spectrophotometers. We reach these solutions by making external beam solutions with externa...

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