COSP 2022

Colloquium für optische Spektrometrie (COSP) 2022 JENA, 26.-27. September 2022 (Montag – Dienstag) OMT Solutions will attend this colloquium and will be presenting some very interesting topics: – State of the art in UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy – Variable Angle Spectroscopy – Angular scattering and BRDF, BTDF measurements

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OMT Solutions Workshop

OMT Solutions is currently on a customer tour in the USA and Canada to give workshops and presentations on ‘State-of-the-Art in Spectrophotometry Topics are: Customized Solutions Tools for Thin film analysis BRDF/BTDF measurements Measuring diffusing and textured samples Please contact us if you want to have information on one of these topics

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TAMS Autosampler

The TAMS Autosampler is our new accessory that fits into our TAMS acessory. TAMS Autosampler can be used for measurements on : 6 inch wafer at different positions Multi-sampling by placing a holder for 19 x 1 inch Multi-sampling by placing a holder for 5 x 2 inch Or your own customised sample plate

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