ARTA – Absolute Reflectance Transmittance Accessory

The ARTA is a fully automated spectral goniometer tool that uses an integrating sphere as detector to measure directional Reflectance and transmittance in the solar wavelength range. The ARTA transforms a spectrophotometer into a flexible and accurate tool for Variable Angle Spectrophotometry for thin film analysis.


Key features:

  • Absolute measurement of directional Reflectance and transmittance
  • BRDF/ BTDF measurements
  • Angles of incidence 0 – 85 degrees in transmittance and 5 – 85 degrees in reflectance
  • Fully automated
  • Wavelength range of at least 250 – 2500 nm
  • Separate measurements for p- and s-polarization (GlanTompson polarizer included)
  • Optional sample holder with automated tilt (+/- 75 degrees)

Note: this accessory is sold by PerkinElmer, P/N L6020116 and for Agilent please contact us

Download 2008 proc ICCG7, Spectrophotometer accessories for thin film characterisation
Download 2007 TSF, Optical analysis of coatings by variable angle spectrophotometry
Download 2003 TSF, an automated directional reflectance transmittance analyser for coating analysis