270mm Directional Reflectance Transmittance

Our Automated Variable Angle Tool for measuring Reflection and Transmission of diffuse samples has the following unique features :

• Vertical sample placement (sample on rotation axis)
• Sample size up to 400 x 400 mm (Minmum sample size 40 mm x 40 mm with the help of a special sample holder that is included)
• Rotating 270 mm integrating sphere with a large exchangable sample port (approximately 100 mm diameter optimal for diffuse and textured glass)
• 1 (one) Additional rectanguar sample port of approximately 35 mm x 100 mm diameter for specular samples
• PMT for UV/Vis, InGaAs detector for NIR
• wavelength range approximately 250 nm – 2,300 nm
• Measurement spot at normal incidence approxmately 12 mm x 25 mm
• Measurement of reflectance and transmittance at different angles of incidence
• Measurement of Haze at near-normal incidence (8 degrees)
• Angle of incidence in transmission mode: 0 – 70 degrees (up to 80 degrees with less accuracy)
• Angle of incidence in reflection mode: 8 – 70 degrees (up to 75 degrees with less accuracy)
• Standard uncertainty in transmittance: <0.25%T at normal incidence for specular samples
• Standard uncertainty in reflectance: <0.6%R at near-normal incidence for specular samples
• Depolarized sample beam in combination with CBD that has to be installed before installation of our Automated Variable Angle Tool (CBD not included in our offer)
• Polariser drive and polariser included for separate P and S measurements (automated in UVWinLab)
• Stepper motor driven stages for setting the incident angle and controlling the entrance port position of the sample beam during reflection measurements
• Build-in motor controller and custom software for complete automation of the measurements with a programmable table of angles and measurement mode (T, R and Haze).
• Installation and training at customer site in the USA

Download VL270DRT Poster