Variable Angle Spectroscopy

In our lab and cleanroom we have a range of spectrophotometers, spectrophotometer accessories, custom made measurement setups and solutions to measure the optical properties of all kind of materials under different circumstances (cryogenic temperatures, very high temperatures, vacuum, different angles of incidence etc.)

In the last decade our contributions in the development of spectrophotometer accessories like the RT, ARTA and TAMS to perform optical measurements at different angles of incidence has lead to a significant improvement in measurement accuracies.

We are still developing new tools and smart flexible systems for this continuous request on more flexibility (wavelength range  from UV to far IR, small and large samples, diffuse and patterned samples etc) in Variable Angle Spectroscopy.

We are involved in many worldwide round robins and are often taken as reference lab

We are also member of the International Commission on Glass (TC10).

TAMS - Total Absolute Measurement System

TAMS - The Most Versatile Tool for UV/Vis/NIR Spectroscopy Fully automated goniometer design capable of measuring bi-directional reflectance ...

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ARTA - Absolute Reflectance Transmittance Accessory

The ARTA is a fully automated spectral goniometer tool that uses an integrating sphere as detector to measure directional Reflectance and transmittanc...

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RT- Directional RT Accessory

Our directional reflectance/transmittance accessory is the only commercially available accessory on the market offering the possibility of performing ...

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270mm Directional Reflectance Transmittance

Our Automated Variable Angle Tool for measuring Reflection and Transmission of diffuse samples has the following unique features : • Vertical...

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