RT- Directional RT Accessory

Our directional reflectance/transmittance accessory is the only commercially available accessory on the market offering the possibility of performing transmittance and relative reflectance measurements at (near) normal as well as oblique incidence, at an accuracy level comparable with that of metrology laboratories.

This accessory is intended for the PerkinElmer Lambda 750/950/1050 spectrophotometers and is used in combination with an integrating sphere detector.

  • Absolute measurement of directional reflectance and transmittance of specular samples (Variable Angle Spectroscopy)
  • Measurement of color shift as function of the angle of incidence
  • Optical characterisation of coatings (e.g. coating thickness, optical constants of individual layers in multilayer Coatings)

Key features:

  • Measurement of both directional transmittance and directional reflectance
  • Angles of incidence up to 85 degrees in transmittance and 75 degrees in reflectance
  • Angular precision and accuracy of respectively 1’ and 5’
  • Angular calibration through averaging over “positive” and “negative” angles
  • Wavelength range of at least 250 – 2500 nm (limited by the range of the polariser)
  • Separate measurements for p- and s-polarisation (GlanTompson polarizer included)

Note: this accessory is sold by PerkinElmer, P/N L6310201 (for Lambda 650/750/850/950/1050)

Download: 2000 proc WREC, measurement techniques for solar energy properties of glazing
Download: 2000 SE, angular dependent optical properties of low e and solar control windows