Large Sample Reflectance and Transmittance

Our LSRT is a unique spectrophotometer accessory that is intended for performing Reflectance and Transmittance measurements on very large toughened glass panes and car windows (bended glass)

  • Reflectance and transmittance measurement at normal incidence
  • Wavelength range = 250 nm – 2500 nm
  • Measurement spot size approximately 7×13 mm
  • Horizontal sample positioning
  • 60 mm Detector sphere with PMT and InGaAs detector
  • Intended for non-diffusing samples
  • Minimum sample size = 30 mm
  • Maximum vertical sample space 100 mm (for bended glass)
  • Automated switching between reflection and transmission
  • Adjustable light trap eliminates influence of stray light
  • Adjustable pillars for external sample support
  • Accuracy in transmittance < 0.2%, Accuracy in reflectance < 0.5%

Already available for Perkinelmer L950/L1050 or Agilent Cary 5000