IRR – InfraRed Reflectance Tool

Large sample IR reflection set for the Frontier FTIR

We designed an emissivity accessory for the frontier. It is a complete solution including 5 calibrated reference mirrors (including calibration reports traceable to NIST) and it also includes a manual and workbook with detailed measurement procedure and to process all the measurement data (see attached manual page 17).

A unique feature of the accessory is that it makes measurements on large tempered glass panes possible. Also very small samples (as small as 5 mm) that are generally difficult to align, can be measured with this accessory.
The accessory is equipped with a 3-point sample support for maximum stability and accuracy. A laser alignment system is built in to enable checking and adjusting the alignment of large panes. A stable horizontal sample positioning for large panes (> square meter size) is obtained with the help of two separate support pillars, height adjustable, to be positioned on the same table as the instrument.


  • Angle of incidence 10
  • Horizontal 3-point sample support
  • Set of calibrated reference mirrors included
  • Unlimited sample size
  • Adaptor plate for small samples
  • Build-in laser for assisting the alignment of large and very small samples
  • Measurements on foils possible
  • Workbooks to process all measurement data

This accessory can be bought at PE (perkinelmer part number L1250600).