UL150 – Upward Looking 150 mm Sphere

The Upward Looking 150 mm integrating sphere accessory


This item consists of a custom integrating sphere accessory for the PerkinElmer Lambda 950/1050 with the following features:

• Total (diffuse + specular) Reflectance and transmittance measurement
• Diffuse (specular component excluded by means of a gloss trap) Reflectance and transmittance measurement
• Haze Measurement according to ASTM D1003
• Horizontal sample placement
• Angle of incidence for all measurements 8°
• 25 mm and 50 sample mm port (exchangeable)
• Wavelength range: 250 nm – 2450 nm (up to 2,500 nm with increased noise)
• Sample compartment closed size: 65 cm x 35 cm x 10 cm
• External supports (for large panes)
• sample insertion depth is 50 cm (maximum distance from measurement spot center to the edge of the sample)
• 150 mm Integrating sphere with PMT and InGaAs cell as detector
• Automated switching between total reflection, diffuse only reflectance, total transmission and diffuse only transmittance

Download User Manual UL150