IRRS- Infrared Reflection Sphere

IR Integrating sphere accessory

This accessory fits into the sample compartment of the PerkinElmer Frontier FTIR spectrometer.  The design is optimised by minimizing port sizes and the absence of baffles.

This accessory has the following specifications/features:

  • The angle of incidence is 10°.
  • The integrating sphere will have a diameter of 100 mm and will be coated with diffuse gold optimised for a wavelength region of 2 – 20 m
  • The detector will be a broadband Liquid N2 cooled MCT detector for maximum sensitivity.
  • The minimum wavelength range will be 2 – 19.5 m

Requirements for its use are:

  • Calibrated reference mirror
  • Liquid Nitrogen for the detector

IR Sphere Manual