Optical measurements according to standards

In our lab and cleanroom we have a range of spectrophotometers, spectrophotometer accessories, custom made measurement setups and solutions to measure the optical properties of all kind of materials under different circumstances (cryogenic temperatures, very high temperatures, vacuum, different angles of incidence etc.)

We deliver independent measurement reports for optical and thermal radiation properties of glazings according to different norms and methods (EN410, EN12898, ISO 9050, NFRC 300, 301, 302, NFRC 100, ASTM standards and others)

We are involved in many worldwide round robins and are often taken as reference lab for optical material characterisation.

We are member of the International Commission on Glass (TC10).


Optical Characterization glazing

We determine Visible light, solar properties and thermal radiation properties of a double glazing unit determined according to EN, ISO and NFRC st...

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UL270 - Upward Looking 270 mm Sphere Accessory

The Upward Looking 270 mm Integration Sphere Accessory (UL270) is a unique accessory that allows accurate transmittance and reflectance measurement of...

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OMT - Large General Purpose Optical Bench

The Large GPOB is an accessory we developed for several customers that needed to perform optical transmittance or reflectance measurements on large or...

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CURRENTLY OUR NEW SOFTWARE TOOL (OMTS.SpectraLab) IS UNDER DESIGN WHICH WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON It will consist of below features and much more!! ...

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