IV – IV Reflectance for laser mirrors

Directional Absolute Reflectance IV Set

The IV method is intended for flat specular samples having reflectance values > 25%, like
reflectance standards, laser mirrors, optical solar reflectors, beam-splitters, etc.
Calibrating reflectance standards

The directional absolute reflectance IV set makes it possible to calibrate reflectance standards not
only at near-normal incidence, but also at oblique incidence for P and S polarization separately.

• Measurement of the square of the reflectance
• Angles of incidence in the range 10 – 75 degrees (80 degrees for front surface mirrors)
• Angular calibration through averaging over “positive” and “negative” angles
• Easy alignment through the use of a Class II miniature laser
• Wavelength range of 190 – 2600 nm at (near-)normal incidence (in combination with an
integrating sphere detector), without using the polariser
• Wavelength range of 220 – 2500 nm at oblique incidence (limited by the range of the polariser)
• Separate measurements for p- and s-polarisation