8 Degrees incidence RT Accessory

Accessory capable of measuring reflectance and transmittance at 8 degrees incidence at a single (identical) spot on the sample

Wavelength range at least 200 – 2,500 nm
Accuracy of 0.2% in the transmittance in the range 250 – 2,400 nm
Accuracy < 1% in the transmittance at the limits 200 nm and 2,500 nm
Accuracy of 0.5% in the reflectance in the range 250 – 2400 nm
Accuracy < 1% in the reflectance at the limits 200 nm and 2,500 nm
Beam size in the centre of the measurement aperture < 5 x 12 mm

Measurement aperture 10 x 15 mm (determines smallest sample size to approximately 15 x 20 mm)\
Horizontal sample table of approximate size 150 x 150 mm (is also largest sample size)
Sample table surface is made of a plastic material (POM) to prevent damaging the sample surface
The sample table has an XY grid engraved that helps to position the sample in a controlled way
Includes customized detector sphere with PMT and PbS detector
Optical interfacing covered (protects mirrors against accidentally touching)
Cary Lock Down system for accessory mounting