TR Calc

TRCalc is a software application for the calculation of daylight and UV performance of glass and glazing products. It allows users of UV/VIS spectrophotometers to use optical measurement data (reflectance and transmittance spectra) to calculate material properties and product specifications of container glass, window glass, glazing products and transparent plastics.

User friendly
TRCalc is designed to meet the needs of a modern quality control laboratory in the glass and glazing industry.
It uses measurement data obtained with a spectrophotometer and stored in a spectra data file. In the data file browser of TRCalc this file is selected with the mouse cursor and the calculations starts automatically.

Properties calculated by TRCalc

  • UV transmittance
  • visible light transmittance
  • color rendering index of transmitted light
  • CIELAB L* a* b* color coordinates
  • xy chromaticity
  • dominant wavelength
  • excitation purity
  • yellowness index (transparent plastics)
  • total iron and Fe2+ content (glass samples)

Sample thickness correction
For some applications, for instance when calculating the UV transmittance and color properties of container glass, it is necessary to calculate these properties for a reference thickness which is different from the true sample thickness.
TRCalc has a build-in procedure that performs the necessary corrections

Calculations are performed according to procedures prescribed by end users (HMESC) or international standards (ISO, CEN, DIN, NEN, ASTM, CIE, etc.). The main window contains a drop-down list with many predefined standard procedures.
TRCalc allows the user to easily change reference tables, implement new standards, modify existing standards or delete standards which are not longer used.

Iron content
Fe2+ and Fe3+ contents are calculated from the spectral transmittance values at 385 nm and at 1050 nm. In the case of container glass, corrections are made for the presence of chromium.

TRCalc 3.0 Manual